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February - Bri-east Mode


An Interview with…BRI-EAST MODE!

What about derby caught your attention? When did you first start playing?

I always thought it was so badass and wanted to play. First started playing back in 2016 and came back after having my son 😊

What was that “one moment” when you knew playing derby was the right thing for you?

When my family and friends were cheering me on even from behind their fingers from closing their eyes

What’s something you’ve learned playing derby that has translated into another part of your life?

Collaboration, teamwork means working together and helping each other out the best way you can

Do you have a favorite & a least favorite position? Can you elaborate?

Love to brace and jam. Bracing is fun to help slow down or stop a jammer. Jamming is a rush to but also can be nerve racking as they all turn to come at you

What do you do to get ready for a bout?

Wear team spirited makeup and eat lite cause nerves always come up right before a bout no matter how many I play

What advice would you give to someone thinking about playing derby?

Just go out and try it! If it doesn’t end up being for you at least you come out with a new perspective of the derby world

Finish this sentence: When I’m not playing derby, I am _____.

a kinder teacher and a nerdy mom

Do you have a derby mentor?

The Vets

What keeps you motivated to keep playing when things get tough?

All the hard work I have already put in, we all have off days sometimes

What’s your favorite part of skating with VCDD?

The crazy fun family we are and how encouraging and supportive everyone is

Any last bit of advice you'd like to give people??

Come watch derby! There is a place for everyone

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