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Ventura County Derby Darlins- June 2023 Double Header Recap

On June 3rd, 2023, the Ventura County Derby Darlins hosted a fierce summer roller derby double header against visiting leagues the Rebeltown Rollers and the Bakersfield Diamond Divas. After nearly a month of grey days, the sun came out for a Saturday filled with roller skating!

Roller Derby Bout 1- Battalion of Skates vs Rebeltown Rollers

The first bout at 5pm featured Rebeltown against VCDD's own Battalion of Skates. The game featured some first-timers playing on both teams along with a lot of seasoned roller derby competitors. Both teams gave it their all, and ultimately Rebeltown came out ahead 211 points to BOS's 72 points.

MVPs from the game included Rebeltown's Princess Piggy (#007) as MVP Jammer, Mid-Evil (#724) as MVP Blocker, and Dusty Gozangas (#333) as MVP Overall for their team. Battalion of Skates had Galgo (#23) as MVP Jammer, Poppy Panik (#326) as MVP Blocker, and Dozer (#15) as MVP Overall. Congratulations to both teams for a game well played!

Roller Derby Bout 2- Vendolls vs Bakersfield Diamond Divas

The 7pm bout saw the Vendolls taking on the Bakersfield team as the clouds rolled back in for the evening. Both teams exhibited high-level competition and skills throughout the evening, drawing the evening to a close with a score of 313 points for Bakersfield against 87 for the Vendolls.

MVPs from the game included Bakersfield's Maniac (#4) as MVP Jammer, Jorden (#23) as MVP Blocker, and Mushi Mushi (#701) as MVP Overall for their team. Vendolls had Fizzical Contact (#88) as MVP Jammer, Jinkies (#65) as MVP Blocker, and Rainbow Pooh (#14) as MVP Overall. Once again, congratulations to all the MVPs and team players who participated in each bout.

We also had the fabulous Twisted Sewing as a guest vendor. Find their skate charms, skate leashes, purses, wallets, and other accessories at and give your hobbies some extra flair!

Ventura County Derby Darlins would also like to extend our sincerest thanks to all the skating and non-skating officials and volunteers who gave their time to ensure the event day could happen. Referees, announcers, scorekeepers, medics, and all of the fabulous other helping hands are what make these bouts possible. We especially want to thank Noah Fallon for stepping in as head ref at the last minute to deliver striped justice on the track.

So, What's Next?

Do you want to help make games and scrimmages possible? Are you interested in being involved in roller derby without strapping on a pair of skates? Consider coming to our Officials Recruitment Night on Thursday, June 8th from 7-9pm! This event will be held at 528 Convair Street in Camarillo (Freedom Park, behind the Camarillo Airport), where we practice and host regular home games.

Officials Recruitment Night 2023

We are looking for enthusiastic and curious volunteers to help become part of the team of officials who help facilitate bouts. Come learn about scorekeeping and other refereeing duties and meet the Derby Darlins. We'd love to see you there- we can't do what we do without the help of fantastic supporters like you!

Car Wash Fundraiser 2023

Has your car picked up dust on a summer road trip? Were you waiting for more rain as an excuse to put off cleaning your ride? Then come on down to VCDD's Car Wash Fundraiser on Saturday, June 24th at 3801 Market St. in Ventura. (Thank you to Ventura VFW for hosting us!)

This is our second annual carwash fundraiser, and cash and card are accepted. We'll clean cars and trucks for $20 and motorcycles for $15. Come support the team and get your vehicle looking nice and clean- because we all know the importance of having a good looking set of wheels to get you where you need to go.

That's not all for the 2023 season! Stay tuned for more VCDD news, including the upcoming Battle for the Coast on September 9th. Mark your calendars, and we'll see you soon!

Harder, Stronger, Longer- VCDD!

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