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February - Stevi Kicks

Derby Name: Stevi Kicks

Derby Number: 6

When did you start skating: 2022

Favorite Skate Brand:  Riedell


An Interview with…Stevi Kicks

What about derby caught your attention? When did you first start playing?

I was in a really weird transitional period of my life and I wanted to throw myself into something new and find my people. I was really lucky to reconnect with Galgo, who I had gone  to high school with, and she recruited me. I showed up to recruitment night mostly to be polite, but I was so enamored by the camaraderie, teamwork, and just plain physical ability of the people on the track.

What was that “one moment” when you knew playing derby was the right thing for you?

After completing the fresh meat training program, I didn’t pass my initial assessments, and I was pissed and devastated, which was a weird mix. I think that’s when I realized that this was something that I really wanted: the sense of community, the athleticism, the badassery, the skating skills. It got my ass to work and I reassessed and passed, and I felt this immense pride, and I never left.

What’s something you’ve learned playing derby that has translated into another part of your life?

Definitely resiliency, and doing things even if you’re scared. Every time I get hit on the track and am eager to pick myself up and keep going, I have a moment of thinking, “damn, that’s so cool.” I really used to dread doing things I wasn’t immediately good at, and I get embarrassed quite easily, so the fact that I feel comfortable and safe to learn and grow with this team is huge for me, and it’s bled into every other part of my life. “Do it scared” was something my friend said, and it’s become a motto for me.

Do you have a favorite & a least favorite position? Can you elaborate?

I loooove to brace and boss people around, and I’m a fair blocker. This season I really want to up my jamming skills so I can successfully pivot/jam when needed.

What do you do to get ready for a bout?

Force myself to eat, down a Gatorade or two, braid my hair, put on black lipstick, and put on my hype playlist.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about playing derby?

Literally do it. You are capable of so much and you’ll surprise yourself all the time. I’ve become so much stronger and more in-tune with my body, and derby is such a cool sport in that there isn’t just one body type that is successful in derby. Everyone is welcome and everyone is appreciated.

Finish this sentence: When I’m not playing derby, I am _____.

Working, thrifting, making things, or hiking with my dog.

Do you have a derby mentor?

All of the coaches have been really wonderful supports to me, working with me 1:1, holding me accountable to my own goals, and motivating me when I’m frustrated with my progress.

What keeps you motivated to keep playing when things get tough?

Dude, I just do it. I’ve gone hermit-mode a couple times where I’ll miss a month or more of practice and I always regret it. I think days where you don’t want to go to practice are especially the days when you should be there; the biggest part of it for me is just showing up.

What’s your favorite part of skating with VCDD?

Of course the people. VCDD has become my family, and especially as a queer person, having a chosen family that accepts you and loves you as you are… that’s unlike anything else. I’m super grateful for them. Love u dorks.

Any last bit of advice you'd like to give people??

Keep going. The pain of growing is way more manageable than the pain of staying the same.

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