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December - Sailor Doom

Skating Since: 2021

Derby Number:  13

Favorite skate brand: Reidell


An Interview with…SAILOR DOOM

What about derby caught your attention? When did you first start playing?

That it was a mosh pit on wheels played by tough women I’ve been wanting to join since I was in high school, and again when i would watch Sucrose Overdose’s videos when she first joined Roller Derby years ago but I got the courage to finally join the fresh meat class in 2021.

What was that “one moment” when you knew playing derby was the right thing for you?

My first Bout.. I had so much fun, any little self doubt i had of “idk if I can do this” left my mind and was immediately replaced with “God I love this sport”

What’s something you’ve learned playing derby that has translated into another part of your life?

To get out of your head and get after it and when you feel the going gets tough take a step back take a breath and try again and keep pushing .

Do you have a favorite & a least favorite position? Can you elaborate?

Both, I like to block because I feel I’m better at blocking than I am at jamming , but I also like the thrill of of jamming and having to work your way through they’re both fun positions.

What do you do to get ready for a bout?

Healthy meal, hydration is key, gear check and definitely a Celsius or pre-workout before the bout.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about playing derby?

Do it and join VCDD! , get any of those doubts holding you back out of your head and just do it, you’ll thank yourself later and wonder why didn’t you start sooner!

Finish this sentence: When I’m not playing derby, I am _____.

Working out ,skating, hanging with friends or staying in w my partner and our fur babies

Do you have a derby mentor?

Since my fresh meat I have always looked up to Anti , Fizz and Heiden and how helpful they were in taking the time to break things down and teach us. All of the vets on the team, I’ve had the pleasure to work with and have been so helpful in sharing tips or past experiences that have helped them. I love seeing what works for everyone from each of their experiences ..I love them all!

What keeps you motivated to keep playing when things get tough?

I think of why I started and how the feeling of gearing up, lacing my skates and being out there on that track is pure bliss and that on its own makes any worries I have disappear and to get back up on my skates and try again.

What’s your favorite part of skating with VCDD?

My favorite part is that I get to skate with the kindest and most supportive league, that I found a team that has shown me what a family should really be like, and what it is to be surrounded by people who genuinely want to see you succeed ,who lift you up and cheer you on.. I am truly grateful for Roller Derby and even more for VCDD and the friends I’ve made here.

Any last bit of advice you'd like to give people??

If you’re thinking of joining derby or on the fence, come to a bout, bring a friend you won’t regret, it's fun especially with this league. If you feel you’re not good enough, we’ve all been there and that’s why we come to learn from amazing coaches, and supportive teammates who are behind you .. and you get to hit your friends!

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