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December - Cat Scratch Fever

Derby Name: Cat Scratch Fever

Derby Number: 103

When did you start skating: 2011

Favorite Skate Brand:  Reidell


An Interview with…Cat Scratch Fever

What about derby caught your attention? When did you first start playing?

My kids were growing up and didn't need me around as much. I always loved roller skating and thought derby would be a great way to get exercise and meet new people.

What was that “one moment” when you knew playing derby was the right thing for you?

I started playing on the banked track. So I would say the first time I got hip checked into the rail.

What’s something you’ve learned playing derby that has translated into another part of your life?

How to weave in and out of traffic. :)

Do you have a favorite & a least favorite position? Can you elaborate?

Love them all, but Blocker is my favorite.

What do you do to get ready for a bout?

Thinking about the strategies and skills I've been working on. Visualizing situations on the track where I can use them.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about playing derby?

Give it a try! It's a great way to meet people in your area. And if skating isn't your thing, there are other things to do to get involved.

Finish this sentence: When I’m not playing derby, I am _____.

thinking about when I get to play derby.

Do you have a derby mentor?

I do not have a mentor.  I just sort of navigated this on my own.

What keeps you motivated to keep playing when things get tough?

Just knowing that when things get tough it usually means things will get better soon. So hang in there.

What’s your favorite part of skating with VCDD?

My teammates

Any last bit of advice you'd like to give people??

Some advice I would give to skaters is its progress not perfection and the Albert Einstein quote, "You never fail until you stop trying."

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